Q: What is South Acton Imagination Library?
A: South Acton Imagination Library (SAIL) is a book-gifting scheme for kids in South Acton, affiliated to Dolly
Parton’s Imagination Library and run by local people with a love of reading. Once a child is registered they will be sent a new, age-appropriate book every month until their fifth birthday – personally addressed to them and
posted to their home address. If the child is registered at birth they will get the full 60 volume library of books,
each specially selected to help their development. Best of all, each book is a FREE GIFT! There’s no cost to your
family to receive the books.

Q: Why does my child need these books?
A: We think reading is the most important skill a child can have. Sharing books with children encourages their
speaking and listening skills, improves their vocabulary and prepares them for their own independent love of learning.

Q: Who chooses the books?
A: The books are selected by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Committee – child literacy & literary experts
chosen to advise and select the perfect set of books to aid the development of thousands of children enrolled in
the scheme in the UK.

Q: Who can join the South Acton Imagination Library?
A: Any child born from 2013 onwards who lives in the South Acton estates. When a child reaches their fifth
birthday they ‘graduate’ and leave the scheme.

Q: How do I register my child in the South Acton Imagination Library?
A: Complete the form overleaf and send it to South Acton Imagination Library, 43 Maldon Road, London W3 6SZ.

Q: How much does it cost to register?
A: SAIL is free to every child who is registered in the scheme.

Q: If I submit this form is my child guaranteed a place on the scheme?
A: We have a limited number of places on the scheme at any given time, but we raise funds to meet growing demand.
If we do not have sufficient funds, we will let you know that the child is on the waiting list and inform you as
soon as we have funds to fully register them and can start sending them books.

Q: When will my child receive the books?
A: It takes about 8 to 10 weeks from registering your child until the first book is delivered to your house.
Please note that whatever their age, the first book a child receives will be ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’. We will aim
to keep sending a book every month until your child turns five, or moves away from the South Acton estates area.

Q: What if my child’s address changes?
A: Books are sent to the address provided on the registration form. If your child’s address changes you must notify
SAIL to continue receiving the books. Please contact the address/phone number on this form to inform us of the
child’s new address. SAIL is currently only funded to focus primarily on the South Acton estates area.  If a child
leaves the area they will automatically leave the scheme, but there may be other Imagination Library schemes
near their new home.

Q: Are there any other activities that can help me to read with my child?
A: Your local library, children’s centre, school, playgroup and other organisations will have information and advice on how to read with your child and may offer other family learning activities that you can go to.

Q: How is SAIL run and funded?
A: SAIL is run entirely by volunteers and funded by individual donations, community grants, fundraising events, private
companies and individuals who sponsor the cost of the books & postage. This cost is currently around £2.08 per
child per month meaning that, a total cost of £125 for the full 5 years if a child registers at birth.

Q: How can I support SAIL?
A: If you wish to support the scheme and make a donation please contact the South Acton Imagination Library
(SAIL), 43 Maldon Road, London W3 6SZ or email maysa@sail-w3.org.
You can also find us on Twitter @SAIL_W3 or on our facebook page.